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SimTek® Combines Beauty and Durability

Fences are designed to accomplish a variety of tasks, add beauty to the landscape, and be durable. SimTek® fencing meets all those criteria and is strong enough to stand up to the extremes in weather that sometimes comes to South Florida.


SimTek® fencing has some unique abilities that are especially important for those that live in areas where hurricanes can strike. The fencing is able to withstand hurricane force winds of 110 mph and gusts of up to 130 mph. Each panel is reinforced with steel rails.

It also contains UV inhibitors that prevent degradation and fading from the sun so the colors maintain their vibrant appearance. SimTek® is also able to handle temperature extremes of up to 140° F without cracking or warping. It’s resistant to graffiti, won’t attract insects, never needs painting, and its maintenance free.


A SimTek® fence is available in multiple colors and the unique manufacturing process enables it to imitate the appearance of wood or stone. The fences stand out and add value to any property. Panels can be adjusted to the slope of properties so there are no gaps in height. They can be topped in a variety of ways with lighting and other decorative touches.

A Fence for Every Need

SimTek® fencing is eco-friendly and made from a proprietary blend of recycled materials. The fencing itself is also recyclable. It makes an excellent sound barrier able to block 98 percent of direct noise, while providing privacy and enhanced security.

The fencing is excellent for containing children and pets – or keeping trespassers out. The minimalistic nature of the texturing makes the fencing difficult for children or intruders to gain purchase should they decide to attempt to climb it.

The hallmarks of a SimTek® fence are durability and beauty, both of which are important factors when choosing a fence for homes and businesses. It’s also an economical solution since it has a long lifespan.

Zepco Fence…South Florida’s Premier Fence Company

Since 1981 Zepco Fence has been providing superior quality fence products and installations to all of South Florida Residential and Commercial Property owners.

Serving all of Broward and Palm Beach County areas, we are the #1 Fence Company in South Florida.

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simtek fencing

Why SimTek Fencing is a Popular Choice

Wood and metal fences have their uses, but SimTek fencing has become the gold standard for color, style, texture, and durability. It’s especially appropriate for applications in Florida since it can withstand hurricane-force winds of up to 110 mph and gusts of up to 130 mph.

The fencing is molded using a proprietary method that provides the authentic beauty and textured feel of wood grains, stucco, and granite stone surfaces. It can be adorned with multiple types of caps and corner posts to accommodate any taste or preference and is available in a wide range of colors.

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