An increasing number of people are installing privacy fencing and the rationale for doing so has changed significantly from previous years. Individuals still want privacy from prying eyes, but they’re are now installing privacy fences as a means of having more control over their environment. The movement has been attributed to modern devices that track and surveil their every move.

While a phone can still be tracked in the backyard, a privacy fence provides individuals with a greater sense of control, security, and freedom from surveillance. People are associating fencing with values and rights that include freedom of speech, independence, a lack of pressure to perform, and a non-judgmental environment.


The top choice for privacy fencing is now SimTek®. One of the most popular features is that the fencing emulates the appearance and texture of real stone or wood. It’s available in multiple colors, enabling individuals to match their fencing to their home’s exterior.


Living in South Florida means being subjected to conditions encompassing harsh sun rays, saltwater, plentiful rain and humidity, and hurricane force winds. SimTek® fencing is able to withstand sustained winds up to 110 mph and gusts up to 130 mph.

SimTek® fencing is resistant to fading, warping and shrinking. It doesn’t attract insect pests and it’s resistant to mild impacts. Individuals don’t have to worry about their fence being the target of a street artist or vandals with spray paint. The material is resistant to graffiti from commercial spray paint.


No one wants to spend their time checking fences for chips, cracks, loose fittings, mold or mildew. Neither do they want the yearly maintenance of priming, painting or staining. SimTek® eliminates those tasks and it only needs an occasional wash down.

Sound Dampening

Those living in noisy neighborhoods will appreciate the sound dampening properties of SimTek®. While it won’t completely eliminate sounds, it will significantly reduce the amount and level of noise with which people are bombarded.

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