Fencing beautifies and adds value to properties, but the myriad of choices can leave a homeowner’s head reeling. The good news is that there’s a single fencing choice for people in South Florida that combines beauty, durability and no maintenance requirements. That fencing is SimTek®.


Ideal for any environment, the fencing is a wonder of modern technology. SimTek® is available in a myriad of styles, colors and textures. A unique manufacturing process creates fencing that emulates the appearance of real wood or stone.

Cost Effective

The fencing’s durability and longevity make it one of the most cost-effective purchases many people will ever make for their home. The fencing provides a variety of advantages all in a single fencing option.


SimTek® typically requires no maintenance to keep it looking like new. Deposits of calcium, moss and algae may stick to the surface of a SimTek® fence, but it’s easily removed with a pressure washer.

Graffiti resistant, SimTek® has been tested with multiple types of paint, all of which can be removed with a pressure washer. For the most resistant of paints, individuals can simply spray the graffiti with a little carburetor cleaner, leave for 2 minutes to allow the paint to soften, then power wash it off.

Heat and Wind

A SimTek® fence isn’t affected by water or salt spray, making it ideal for installation on coastal properties. It’s also an excellent sound barrier that blocks 98 percent of outside noise. Conversely, it impedes a majority of the sounds that could disturb neighbors.

The fencing provides superior performance in hot temperatures of up to 140 degrees. Treated with UV-12 inhibitors, it won’t fade or warp. It’s also able to withstand winds of 110 mph and gusts of up to 130 mph, making it particularly beneficial for hurricane-prone areas.

Impact Resistant

The fence is tough and won’t be significantly affected by impacts by objects such as golf balls, rocks and baseballs. Even repeated impacts by a weed eater won’t phase the fencing.

Insects and Soil

SimTek® fencing is unattractive to termites and other insect pests that damage materials. An added bonus is that the fencing isn’t impacted by acidic or alkaline soils that hasten the deterioration of many other fencing options.

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