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commercial chainlink fences

Commercial Chain Link Fences

If you are interested in security for your home in South Florida, chain link fencing is often a good selection. It is both secure and cost effective. As the saying goes, “Good fences make good neighbors”, whether they are for keeping your pets in or your neighbors pets out.

Chain link fences are primarily used for security and safety. With many South Florida homes in close proximity to lakes and canals, chain link fences are used to protect your small children and pets from venturing too close to what could be a dangerous situation. They are also great for keeping that occasional pesky alligator from sun bathing on your lawn! Zepco Fence always installs our fences with the safety of your children and pets in mind. We install all of our gates with self closing springs and child proof latches . Our Chain Link Fences also come with bottom cable to keep out unwanted critters and to keep your pets from getting out. We include this at no extra cost to you.


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Enhance the appearance as well as protect your property with a beautiful Commercial Chainlink Fence Installation by Zepco Fence

Commercial Chainlink Fences Coral Springs | Chainlink fence Company

Chain Link Fence is available in Galvanized, Black, Green, and Custom Colors upon request. Slats may be added for security. Custom colors may also be available for special needs. Chain link fencing, sometimes known as cyclone fencing, is often the least expensive option when cost is a factor and its ease of installation makes it very popular in South Florida.

For residential areas, chain link fencing is available in heights from 4′ to 6′, while for commercial installations you may elect to go significantly taller. We also do installations in warehouses to separate areas where additional security is needed. We can also include barbed wire and privacy slats for more security and protection.

Companies and customers from Parkland to Pembroke Pines know Zepco Fence and their great service and quality products. When you are ready for fencing in South Florida, call the experts.

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