With all the different types of fencing material available, it can be extremely difficult for home and business owners to decide what best meets their needs. It’s a common problem, as individuals try to balance their need for safety, privacy and materials that will withstand the severe weather conditions that often assail the South Florida landscape.

One very wise choice is SimTek® fencing that accommodates a wide variety of requirements. It’s a type of molded polyethylene that offers an extensive array of benefits that includes durability combined with a myriad of beautiful and realistic-looking surfaces that emulate stone and wood.

Hurricane Winds

South Florida is subject to storms with strong winds, the fiercest of which are hurricanes. SimTek® fencing is reinforced with galvanized steel making it able to withstand sustained hurricane winds of up to 110 mph and gusts up to 130 mph. It’s one of the only vinyl fencing materials that meet the Miami-Dade wind load requirements without any modification to its construction or installation.

Environmentally Friendly

SimTek® panels are constructed with recycled materials. When the fencing eventually reaches the end of its long lifespan, each of the panels can be recycled in its turn.

Sun and Surf

The UV rays of the sun are strong in South Florida and it can add environmental aging to most materials. SimTek® doesn’t have that problem. It’s unaffected by the harsh rays of the sun and won’t deteriorate. The same is true of the fencing for ocean salt spray, along with algae and most chemicals routinely used around home and businesses. It’s an ideal choice for any oceanside property. Alkaline and acidic soils have little effect on the fencing and owners don’t have to worry about termites and other insect pests.

High Durability

A SimTek® fence provides superior performance in a wide variety of climate conditions without fading and will stand up to impacts without taking damage. It won’t warp or crack.

Very Low Maintenance

SimTek® fencing is resistant to graffiti and it only takes a high-pressure rinse to remove marks. Dust just rinses off and there’s no other maintenance required. It never needs staining or painting.

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