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aluminum fencing

Tips for Choosing the Best Fence for your Home

Homeowners have a variety of choices when selecting fencing for their homes and there are multiple factors to consider. It has to meet your specific needs, but it must also conform to any local laws and regulations. You’ll want a fence that fits in with the character of your home and the neighborhood and your particular lifestyle.

There are also maintenance requirements to consider. Depending on the material, some need periodic painting, while others are almost maintenance free. The slope of your property will affect the installation of the fencing and its cost. People install fencing for one of several reasons that include:

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Protect and contain children and pets
  • Safety from falling into pools or off bluffs and cliffs
  • Enhance property values
  • Establish boundaries
  • Conceal trash cans, generators or central air units
  • Dampen road noises
  • Stop encroaching weeds

The reason for installing your fence will have an impact on the type of fencing you choose. Chain link fencing is great for containing children and pets, but it’s not as aesthetically pleasing as aluminum fencing. Chain link and aluminum fencing enable kids, pets and homeowners to see through it and into the outside world.

Aluminum and chain-link requires very little maintenance and are handy for marking property boundaries and preventing individuals from approaching dangerous areas. Either type is appropriate for security concerns and to prevent trespassing.

SimTek and PVC fencing provide a solid barrier against road noises, provide security and privacy, and delineate boundaries. They’re also ideal on a small scale for concealing unsightly trash cans or valuable generators and central air units. Available in multiple colors and styles, they’re almost maintenance free. The fencing is effective for stopping most encroaching weeds.

Traditional wood fencing can be erected as a solid barrier or with small spaces between the boards. They can be painted or stained and the hardware should be examined regularly.

The most important step before contacting a fencing specialist is to determine why you want a fence. Once that’s decided, your fencing specialist can assist you with the type that best fit your needs.

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commercial wood fences

Do I Need a Permit for a Fence?

Fencing is the most popular solution for obtaining privacy, protecting children, and keeping pets in their own yard. Unfortunately, many individuals have installed a fence only to discover that they must alter it or even remove it due to local rules and regulations. Whether you need a permit for a fence will depend largely upon where you live.

Local rules and regulations

Each city has its own requirements for fences and rules can vary widely among neighborhoods, housing associations, and communities. It’s almost guaranteed that a permit will be needed, but the type and cost will depend largely on the local zoning regulations and codes. Most communities specify the height according to whether it’s in the front or back yard, construction materials of the fence, and how far away from property lines they must be set.

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