Fencing is the most popular solution for obtaining privacy, protecting children, and keeping pets in their own yard. Unfortunately, many individuals have installed a fence only to discover that they must alter it or even remove it due to local rules and regulations. Whether you need a permit for a fence will depend largely upon where you live.

Local rules and regulations

Each city has its own requirements for fences and rules can vary widely among neighborhoods, housing associations, and communities. It’s almost guaranteed that a permit will be needed, but the type and cost will depend largely on the local zoning regulations and codes. Most communities specify the height according to whether it’s in the front or back yard, construction materials of the fence, and how far away from property lines they must be set.

Pull your survey

If you know exactly where the property line is located and you live in a sparsely populated area, you may be able to put up a fence without your neighbor’s permission. If you live in an area where neighbors must approve it, you may need to have the property surveyed and provide details of the type of fence that you intend to erect. You’ll also need to know where all the utility lines are located.


Even if you’re replacing or only trying to repair the damage to an existing fence, you may discover that you need a permit before proceeding. The need for a permit, or not, may also depend on the cost of the repair.

Hire a Pro

It’s much easier and convenient to hire a fencing professional that’s knowledgeable about the r

egulations in your area. A professional provides a single resource that can obtain any needed permits, permissions, and adhere to all local regulations.

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