Few people consider a gate opener when installing their fence, but it’s convenient and practical. An automatic gate opener is equally applicable for those in the country and city dwellers.

Enhanced Security & Safety

The property owner is in control of who enters, providing an elevated level of safety. It’s an effective way to reduce theft, vandalism and shrinkage for business owners and an alarm system can be combined with the gate opener for home or business safety. An automatic opener can be especially beneficial for homes with children and pets, or that raise prize livestock.

Perimeter Control

This is especially important for those that have large yards or tracts of land, along with businesses that handle sensitive documents or certain types of products. Owners know exactly who is on the premises at all times and the gate openers can be combined with card readers, pass codes or biometric readers.

More Privacy

Since fences are typically set back from structures, an automatic gate opener gives homes and businesses an added level of privacy. It prevents anyone from getting too close to the home or business before owners know who is approaching. The distance involved from the gate to the home or business is also beneficial for preventing the prying eyes of neighbors or would be intruders.

Value and Curb Appeal

There’s something intrinsically appealing about a fence with an automatic gate opener and that works to the owner’s benefit if they’re selling the property. Potential buyers see a valuable feature that they don’t have to install themselves. The openers can be combined with any type of security or decorative privacy fencing for added curb appeal.


Nothing can compare with the convenience of an automatic gate opener. It means people don’t have to leave their vehicle during inclement weather to lock and unlock a gate. It also means parents don’t have to leave their children in a running vehicle while they unlock the premises. Gates can be equipped with opener models that contain sensors and will close automatically after a vehicle has passed through.

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