Zoos, wildlife sanctuaries and rescue organizations that are responsible for wild, endangered or dangerous animals know the importance of specialized fencing and must adhere to very specific containment specifications. They must keep animals safely contained, provide safety for handlers, and protect the public from potential injury.

Zepco Fence is a leader in the fencing industry and has specialized experience in chain link style wildlife fencing. They designed and installed security fencing for two big cat sanctuaries in Palm Beach and Broward counties in Florida. The innovative designs were so effective that they were adopted by the State of Florida Department of Wildlife Management.

Containing different types of animals requires specialized solutions for each. Depending upon the species, they may dig, climb or jump and those behaviors must be taken into consideration when creating a fencing system. Some big cats, for example, can jump a distance of up to 20 feet from a standing start, leap 15 feet up a tree, climb over a 12 foot fence, and take 40 foot bounds when running.

The primary object of animal fencing is to keep the animals in and it’s increasingly critical for their own protection. There have been instances of high profile break-ins at zoos around the world by poachers. At a Paris zoo, poachers killed a white rhino and stole his horn to sell on the black market.

Fencing is a necessity in many locations through Florida to aid in keeping alligators and other wildlife out of residential yards and swimming pools. Chain link is the most commonly used fencing for protecting children and pets from incursions by a variety of wildlife species. It’s durable, strong, cost effective, and can be installed quickly.

Zepco Fence chain link fence installations come with bottom cable to prevent pets from digging out and wildlife from burrowing in. Gates are installed with childproof locks and self-closing gates for an extra measure of safety.

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