Wooden fences are one of the oldest forms of barriers and they’ve come a long way in terms of security and stylishness since their ancient predecessors. Today’s wooden fences are available in multiple styles and are built to surpass South Florida’s stringent Hurricane Building Codes. The three most popular types of wooden fencing are stockade, board-on-board, and shadowbox.

A board-on-board wooden fence is a design in which boards are attached vertically to the rails in such a way that the upright boards alternate one on each side of the rails. The overlapping pattern offers visual privacy even if boards shrink due to weather conditions, but it may cost more than other types.

A shadowbox fence is very similar in design to a board-on-board fence, but doesn’t offer the visual privacy since there are small gaps between the boards. When looking directly at the fence, nothing on the other side is visible. However, if viewed from an oblique angle, outsiders can glimpse what’s on the other side due to the small gaps. One of the benefits is that they hold up well to strong winds since a breeze can pass through.

Almost everyone is familiar with stockade fencing. It’s a design that places vertical boards up tight against each other to form a panel that creates a solid barrier. It’s a simple design, yet very effective for preventing wildlife and intruders from entering while keeping children and pets in. Stockade fencing can be customized to match the architecture of homes and out buildings, while also accommodating slopes and other physical features of the property’s terrain.

Wooden fencing is an option that still remains very popular. It can be painted, stained, customized in a variety of ways, and utilizes modern processes for longevity. They provide privacy, a degree of sound blocking ability, and help ensure safety for children and pets.

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