Wood remains a popular fencing material in multiple environments. Anyone thinking of installing wooden fencing as a DIY project may be tempted to save some money by purchasing lumber that hasn’t been pressure treated. Don’t do it – there are a number of very good reasons why professional fencing companies use pressure treated wood. Some building codes even require pressure treated lumber for projects.

Lumber that’s been pressured treated undergoes a process to make it more durable and less likely to succumb to a variety of elements that can shorten its lifespan. The process removes air from the lumber’s cell structure and chemicals are forced into the pores. The wood is then cured and dried. In some instances, a fire retardant is infused into the lumber’s structure using a pressure system.

Extended Lifespan

Pressure treated lumber resists the ravages of weather, UV rays and ocean salt much better and far longer than untreated wood. Building supplies that are pressure treated are more durable and has a longer lifespan than untreated wood. The life expectancy will depend on the chemicals used and the type of wood.


When lumber is pressure treated, it’s more resistant to multiple species of rot-causing fungi. Wet rot occurs when the wood is exposed to an excessive amount of water and is most obvious closer to the ground. Dry rot is often mistaken for insect damage. White rot is the result of fungi that breaks down the cellular structure of the wood.


Wood that’s pressure treated has an increased resistance to the depredations of insect pests that include termites, carpenter bees, wood-boring beetles, horntail wasps, and carpenter ants.


Using pressure treated wood aids in minimizing the potential of the fencing getting a weathered look. Stains and sealants can be applied for an extra level of protection.

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