Installing a fence doesn’t mean that people have to give up on greenery. There are a variety of plantings that complement fences. The most common reason people want plants next to their fence is to camouflage it, particularly if it’s chain link fencing.

However, individuals may also want to hide fencing that has become weather worn, if they don’t want to paint or stain it, or if they don’t want to replace it. There are numerous plants that enable people to hide their fence and enjoy a wealth of blossoms using the fencing as a support.


When it comes to fences, vines are the most often selected solution, especially those that twine rather than lean. Bleeding heart vine is a fast grower with white or red flowers but it’s not a rampant grower. The Queen’s Wreath Vine produces cascading purple flowers, blooms off and on all summer, but needs trimming to keep in contained. Pandora vine has pale pink flowers with a rose-colored center, light scent, and can be trained to form a small bush.

Bushes and Hedges

A unique choice near fences are cycads. They’ve been around since the time of the dinosaurs, come in a multitude of sizes, shapes and heights, along with a distinctive appearance. They’re highly valued for their attractiveness, rarity and add value to properties. These descendants of ancient species are sure to cause a sensation.

Hibiscus, which includes Rose of Sharon, loves the South Florida climate. They’re tolerant of heat, humidity, poor soil, air pollution and drought. Flower colors include red, blue, lavender, pink, white and bi-colors. They’re available in single and double flowering varieties.

Small Trees

People that prefer small trees to hide their fence can choose from Jelly King Crab that grows to 13 ft., redbud that grows to 10 ft., wintersweet that can grow up to 15 ft., and dwarf chestnut oaks that grow to a maximum of 20 ft. Many varieties produce blossoms in colors ranging from red and pink to yellow and white, and provide a source of food for birds, bees and butterflies.

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