People that want safety fencing for their pet without a visible structure often choose underground fencing. It uses a combination of what manufacturers call a static-like shock in combination with sound as a deterrent.

People have used what’s been called hidden fencing to keep their pets contained for years. Old-style fencing worked via a transmitter collar or a sensor attached to the dog’s regular collar. When the dog neared the boundary, the sensor or collar gave the dog a shock as a form of aversion training. Dogs trained this way with the old-fashioned shock fencing often displayed fear and behavioral problems.

The new evolution of hidden fencing emits an audible warning sound and a “static” shock as a deterrent. Manufacturers of the fencing indicate the shock portion of the collar is similar to a static shock a human receives after rubbing their feet across a carpet and then touching metal. It also has multiple shock levels.

The process of teaching the dog his/her boundary begins with small flags that are placed in the ground along the underground cable as a visual clue to the canine. Once the dog has learned where the boundaries are, the flags can be removed.

The problems that people encounter with underground fencing is that it requires a time investment to train the dog rather than simply turning them loose and letting the collar shock them into submission. Depending upon the canine, that can take time that some people are unwilling to expend. However, some companies install the fencing and a pet trainer provides initial training.

Hidden fences are viewed as a convenient way to keep pets safe in their own yard. The downside is that it won’t prevent someone from coming into the yard and stealing the dog, a crime that happens far more often than people know. As a thief is taking the dog across the underground boundary, the canine will experience a significant amount of distress and pain.

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