In its purest form, a living fence uses hedge plants placed close enough together to form a living barrier. It functions in much the same way as a manufactured fence. However, the concept of a living fence has evolved over the years to include non-traditional hedge plants. Some people are now choosing to use taller growing plants such as bamboo to create privacy and non-traditional flowering varieties.

Living fences have been used around the world for centuries. They marked off property lines, kept out wildlife, and separated crops or animals. Today, living fences have gained in popularity as an eco-friendly option and an alternative to manufactured fencing. They have a variety of advantages besides adding beauty and value to properties.

Less Expensive

A living fence is less expensive than traditional manufactured fencing to install. Individuals can purchase and plant the hedge fence themselves and those that don’t feel confident in their skills can have a landscaping company do the work. The initial expenditure for the plants is the primary expense.

Little Maintenance

The fencing doesn’t require painting, staining, repairs or periodic replacement. When hedge plants are used for a living fence, they will need to be trimmed to control size, shape and to encourage new growth. As long as their moisture and soil requirements are met, the plants will live for many years.

Control the Flow

A living fence is an easy way to control the movements of people and pets on a property. While they won’t deny access to the most determined of people or animals, it will deter the vast majority of domestic animals, wildlife, unwanted visitors, and nosy neighbors.

Edge Habitat

One of the benefits of a living fence is the ecological diversity it supports. They’re an excellent source of shade for multiple types of bird species, along with squirrels. It gives them a place to rest and hide from predators. Some smaller species may even nest in a living fence. If a flowering form of hedge is planted, it can function as a source of food for bees, birds and butterflies.

Noise, Wind and Cooling

Plants are a natural windbreak and helps reduce noise from outside sources. A living fence helps enrich soil retain moisture, resulting in less watering and lower water bills. Plants of any kind contribute to the environment and can help keep properties cooler.

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