Erecting a fence can beautify and add value to homes and businesses. Installing a fence can provide safety, security and privacy. A fence is beneficial for discouraging the neighbor’s weeds from encroaching on the property, keeping out wildlife, concealing unattractive features, and delineating property boundaries. Bear in mind that local laws may dictate that an individual consults with their neighbors before erecting a fence.

Land Limits

Even if an individual has a plat map or legal description of their property, it will probably provide little assistance in determining exactly where their property lines are since most people won’t be able to convert those descriptions into the physicality of their land.

It doesn’t matter whether individuals are performing a do-it-yourself project or hiring a professional fence installer. Without an accurate and very recent survey, individuals could easily discover that they’ve erected their fence on the neighbor’s property. Many fence installers won’t even attempt to erect a fence without a survey.

Improper Materials

Municipalities typically have rules and regulations about fences, including their height the appearance of the gate, and the type of materials from which they can be constructed. Those rules can be especially stringent for those governed by an HOA.


Erecting a fence on the neighbor’s property will have consequences. Individuals will be required to engage in the very costly removal of the fence. Any attachments or structures that encroach of the property line as a result of the misplaced fence will also need to be removed such as children’s playsets, greenhouses, gardens, a treehouse or swimming pool, and patios or decks.


Depending on the neighbor’s mood and the individual’s relationship with them, overstepping the bounds of the property can result in an expensive lawsuit. It will still end with the removal of the fence and any other installations that are on the neighbor’s land. Individuals may also face fines from the local government entity.

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