Installing a fence around your residential property can bear its fruits of providing security, safety, privacy, and many such things which gives access to having a comfortable suitable life to an individual.  One of the consequences included, when installing a fence around your property, is the dispute with your neighbors as it may prove to be a hard puzzle to solve.


But the revelation is soon to be revealed as the following blog includes the dos and don’ts when it comes to the matter of avoiding neighbor disputes when installing a fence. The following blog highlights the fence etiquettes related to your neighboring commercial property.


Fence etiquette 


Respecting each other boundaries

Respect is only earned when it is given to the party and such a thing can be a great element between two neighbors. Each relationship will be successful when the element of respect is there and it is maintained. Related to the fence when it is bordering one’s neighbor, a property survey should be followed to ensure proper placement.


Following local rules

Rules vary from place to place and someplace may or may not give you the permit of installing a fence, bordering with your neighbors. Some rules may ask you to install the fence with a certain height limit, color, or material. Following the local rules where your residential property is located can prove to be a great strategy to avoid disputes with your neighbor. 


Informing your neighbors

To avoid a dispute with your neighbors when it comes to the moment of installing fences around your property, it is greatly suggested that informing your neighbors would prove to be best as it would give them a moment of heads up and better coordination can be built between the neighbors even though they are separated by a piece of fence. Sometimes it’s not about the quantity but it’s about quality, and a relationship with such a feature can show itself the perfect above all.


Living in the 21st century has its perks and such an era where the action is only legal when it is legally passed over as a bill, being agreed by everyone. Such a role can be implemented when installing a fence as a signed agreement can play its role. No matter how hard it may get in the future, such proofs can give you validation as a way of having rights in such an era.

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