There are many early signs that a fence is being damaged, but they’re often overlooked by property owners since it happens slowly over time. It’s a good idea to inspect fences regularly for multiple types of damage. If left unaddressed, it can result in a significant amount of money to repair and sections of the fence may need to be replaced.

Mold, Mildew, Algae

All of those substances are biologics that easily begin to grow on fencing in the warm and humid South Florida climate. Vinyl fencing can also provide a surface upon which mold and algae can grow.


This is a particular problem with wooden fences. It’s not always visible as actively wet wood. It often presents as gray or white spores. Another sign of rot is a board that gives when pressed upon.

Leaning and Bending

Fence posts that are leaning or bending sideways from an upright position is a sign of a problem. Wooden fence posts may be rotting under the surface or the soil may have shifted around wood or metal posts. Posts are set and sealed in concrete, but moisture can seep into the smallest of cracks in the concrete.


Cracks can occur in the bottom of posts, especially in fencing constructed of wood. Even when wood is treated with chemicals to mitigate the problem, wood dries out and puts pressure on the fibers that can result in cracking.


Termites are the bane of wooden fences. Property owners can detect an infestation by visible termite mazes, bloated wood or a bad odor. Boring insects of all types will leave telltale holes in the wood. Composite materials are unattractive to insects – unless the fencing material develops a crack or damage where the insects can enter. They won’t destroy modern materials, but they will make a fence a base of operations.

Rust and Corrosion

The two problems primarily affect wrought iron. However, rust and corrosion can impact the hardware used to join fencing materials of all types.

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