A fenced-in yard has aesthetic appeal and can provide an important safety enhancement. However, there are any number of reasons that you may want to install a fence or you may have multiple reasons. It’s essential that you know what purpose the fence will serve before contacting a professional. That knowledge will help you choose the type of fencing, the optimal materials for your specific needs, and get an idea of the cost.

Reason for the Fence

It doesn’t matter whether you’re living on a farm or in suburbia, before you can choose fencing that accommodates your requirements, you’ll need to know why you need or want the fence. Common reasons include establishing safe boundaries for children and pets or to deny access to stray animals and wildlife.

You may want a fence to create a more secure environment, for purely decorative purposes to enhance visual appeal, or establish boundaries with neighbors. Once you determine why you want or need a fence, you can move on to other considerations.


The cost of fencing varies widely depending on the area to be fenced and the materials chosen. You have multiple options encompassing chain link, wood, aluminum, PVC and SimTek®.

Maintenance Requirements

If you’re not fond of the thought of making regular fence inspections, arduous cleaning tasks, painting or other maintenance chores, there’s a fencing material for you. Conversely, if you have plenty of time and don’t mind spraying for insects, staining or waterproofing your fence, there are also options.

Climate Considerations

The climate in South Florida can be unkind to certain types of fencing materials due to varying weather and climate conditions. Fencing is available that won’t burn should a fire occur and is especially beneficial if you live in an area at risk for forest fires. You can choose eco-friendly fencing materials, those that won’t warp or deteriorate under the sun’s UV rays, and even materials that can withstand hurricane-force winds.

Be Neighborly

You’ll definitely want to talk with neighbors before erecting a fence. Depending on the prevailing rules and regulations, they may be responsible for a portion of the upkeep. You also don’t want to install a fence that intrudes on their pristine view.

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