Yard wars can occur over a great variety of things, from the installation of a fence, pool or irrigation system to renovating a room. However, what a homeowner may see as an exciting addition that will provide fun, privacy, security, safety, and value to their home may be viewed negatively by neighbors. It can result in expensive and tedious legal action, bad feelings that last for years, or even a desire to move.

Fences cause more disputes between neighbors than any other issue. The saying “Good fences make good neighbors” from the Robert Frost poem “Mending Fences” doesn’t have the same meaning today as it did when the nation was a predominantly agrarian culture. Fencing disputes are legendary and are even the subject of the play “The Great Divide.”

Communication is a key component. It’s always a good idea to talk with your neighbors before beginning any construction project. It will give them a chance to voice any objections. What may seem like a groundless complaint to the homeowner may present a valid consideration for the neighbors. The following are just some of the common issues that can initiate a yard war when erecting a fence.

  • Maintenance and upkeep
  • Property lines
  • Fence height
  • Type of fence – chain link, stockade, etc.
  • It interferes with visibility
  • It’s ugly or ruins the aesthetics of the neighborhood
  • An existing fence doesn’t need to be replaced, just repaired
  • Disagreement over cost if sharing the expense

The list of potential problems that individuals may encounter from neighbors can seem endless. It’s important that homeowners understand their rights under the law before they hire a fencing company. Almost any locale has specific rules governing fences in relation to their height and materials used, and there may also be what’s known as a set-back – the distance from the property line where the fence can be erected.

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