A sagging gate is almost inevitable at some point, simply due to its construction and the way it attaches to a fence. Even a gate that’s been installed by highly skilled professionals can sag over time. Gates are square or rectangular in shape, a framework that’s essentially unstable when fastened to a fence. They’re attached by one side and the weight of the gate makes it droopy and saggy.

A brace run diagonally from one side of the gate to the other is the easiest way to prevent it from sagging. It helps balance the tension on the gate. Other forces also come into play when a gate sags. The mere opening and closing of the barrier accelerates the process over time by loosening hardware that attaches it to the fence.

Excess Weight

A gate presents an almost irresistible temptation to children. Riding the gate while it travels back and forth is a fun game, but it places excess weight on the gate, along with the wear and tear of it opening and closing. That’s just one of the reasons why the gate lock should be placed in a position where children can’t reach it.

Another factor in gate sagging is the size of the post to which it’s attached. The post has to correlate to the size and weight of the fence. A post that’s too small allows the gate to sag because there’s too much weight for the post to adequately hold. A gate post must also be set sufficiently deep to support it and the weight of the gate.


The choice of hinges on the gate will also determine the potential for sagging. Just as the gate post is crucial, so are the hinges and screws that are used. The entire weight of the gate rests upon and pivots on the hinge. The hinge must be able to hold the gate, its weight, and withstand multiple openings and closings. Screws must be sunk deep enough in the metal or wood to hold without pulling out of the barrier is to withstand the wear and tear of time.

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