Faced with the extensive variety of colors available with modern fencing, many individuals throw up their hands in frustration – after all, it’s just fencing. However, the color of fencing is just as important as the type and style of fencing that’s chosen. When fencing is installed, it’s one of the first things that others will notice and they’ll form an opinion about the property, residents, and even the neighborhood based on its appearance.

Fencing is an extension of the home and while it needs to be complementary, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the same color. It’s a way to showcase your style, but the goal is to achieve a balanced appearance, while remaining within the parameters and reasons for installing the barrier.

It’s also a good idea to consider the colors of the plantings, lawn furniture, decks and other aspects of the yard when working toward a balanced perspective. Don’t forget to consult with the homeowner’s association (HOA) if there is one. There are typically stringent guidelines concerning fencing.

Make a Statement

For homes in shades of black, brown or grey, a contrasting color that adds a touch of color can be used to create a dramatic statement. Conversely, for homes with unique exteriors that demand attention on their own, a fence in white, neutral or subtle colors will complement the landscape without detracting from the colorful statement that is the house.

Shades of blue and gray siding can easily be paired with a white fence for preference. Homes that feature a textured exterior such as brick, stucco or stone look stunning when highlighted by a bronze or natural aluminum fence. If the home has shutters or trim of a specific color, matching the fence colors to those features is an easy way to bring together all of those elements and create an accent point.

Old or New

Take the age of the home into consideration when choosing fencing. Many of the modern colors and styles may not go well with a structure built in the 1950s. There are dozens of color selections that will complement newly constructed homes and those that are relatively new. It can be helpful for individuals to take a photo of their home to their fencing specialist.

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