Bigger isn’t always better when considering how high a fence will be. There are a multitude of factors to consider whether it’s a property’s first fence or an upgrade to an existing barrier. Individuals will need to consider the height, material and purpose, along with local rules and regulations governing fencing in the community.

Residential and commercial fencing typically have different requirements and those can vary depending upon specific locations. For residential customers that are contemplating the installation of fencing, the primary concern should be the purpose the fence will serve.


Whether it’s to keep children and pets out or unwanted people and wildlife out, a fence can accomplish all those goals. Solid fencing and those with vertical rails will aid in discouraging trespassers from trying to climb it and security gates and systems can be added. The height will be determined by what individuals are trying to keep in or out.


The height of a privacy fence will depend on the slope of the land and the size of the area to be shielded, such as a patio, pool or hot tub. Homeowners may want to have a barrier that provided privacy in one place or throughout the entire property. A privacy fence will typically be constructed of material with little or no space between sections. A fencing professional will be able to ensure that the fence meets local regulations, and provides the privacy required for the desired area.

Noise Barrier

Living on a busy street can be extremely noisy, making it difficult to listen to music, watch TV or even sit outside in a peaceful atmosphere. Solid fencing materials are available that dampen noise and can be installed for any desired height. They can be solid or have small spaces between the boards to let light filter in, and can be paired with plantings if desired.

Wind Block

Fencing does more than beautify properties. It’s also very effective at blocking or interrupting wind from areas where homeowners entertain, especially if they have a fire pit or other outdoor flame. A fence can be especially beneficial for those that live in coastal areas as a means of preventing sand from blowing into the yard and are usually no more than three feet in height when used as a sand barrier.

Swimming Pool Safety

Most communities have very specific laws that require pools to be fenced, gated for safety, and state minimum height requirements. They should have an automatic locking gate, no handholds with which children can climb, and security systems can be installed to alert owners when the gate is opened.

Before Fencing

It’s best to hire a fencing professional that is knowledgeable in local laws governing fencing heights and if there’s a required setback on the property. A professional can help clients choose the right type of fencing for their needs that also conforms to community specifications.

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