Some domestic animals have a penchant for climbing and it can be extremely difficult to keep them safely within bounds. However, pets aren’t the only animals that individuals have to worry about. A range of wildlife can, and will, climb a fence to get to something they want. That includes alligators, bears, bobcats, coyotes, opossums, raccoons and skunks.

The solution to keeping wild animals out of yards, gardens and away from backyard chickens is a fence of at least 6 ft. tall. Chain link works best, but the spacing in the mesh must be small enough to prevent smaller animals from simply squeezing through.

At the top of the fence will be an extension that bends 90 degrees toward the outside of the fence. Wildlife may attempt to climb the fence, but when they reach the 90-degree angle they’re unable to make the physical “flip” necessary to push themselves up and over.

Rollers can also be placed at the top. The rollers prevent an animal from gaining purchase to pull themselves up. They spin, deny the animal traction, and dumps them back on the ground. Installing rollers can be a bit expensive, but they have an attractive appearance. They’re highly effective and provide a non-lethal way of dealing with unwanted wildlife. They’re commonly called coyote rollers.

One area that people typically forget when establishing a no-climb fence is the gate. Wild animals can be far cleverer than people think. They can learn to manipulate latches and closures on fence gates. It’s equally important to ensure that there are no gaps between the gate and fence where animals can wiggle through.

Florida is home to a wealth of wildlife and many species have learned to co-exist in urban environments. Many view dogs, cats and backyard chickens as an easy food source. No-climb fences provide an effective barrier against many species of wildlife, while providing a safe space for pets to play.

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