There are a number of benefits to aluminum fencing and it’s no wonder that it’s a preferred fencing material in South Florida. Fencing must be durable enough to withstand the ravages of hurricanes that produce high winds and flooding involving saltwater. Aluminum is appropriate for small properties, estates, and commercial endeavors.

Aesthetic Value

Aluminum if available in multiple styles, colors and lends itself to a variety of customization options. It provides an elegant look to any property. It can be fashioned to emulate high-end wrought iron and highly stylized gate options.


The material is affordable and provides good value for the money since it can last for up to 50 years when properly installed. Aluminum is less expensive than other materials.


Aluminum doesn’t succumb to rot, rust and predations by insect pests. It doesn’t oxidize, corrode, and is able to withstand saltwater without damage. An added advantage is that aluminum fences are designed with space between the pickets, allowing wind to blow through it. That enables the fence to withstand high winds and it’s stronger than vinyl or wood.


The fencing is appropriate for keeping children and pets safely contained, while keeping wildlife, stray animals, and human intruders out. Aluminum fencing can be equipped with panels at ground level for an extra level of security for small children and pint-sized pets. It’s also effective as a security measure. For those that like to garden, shrubbery or bushes can be planted against the fence, vines can create a living wall, or the fence can be installed so home owners can see through it.

Low Maintenance

Aluminum requires only minimal maintenance, typically in the form of spraying it down with the garden hose to keep it looking new. Neither will it require yearly refinishing or painting.

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