One of the most common reasons for erecting a fence is to provide a greater sense of privacy and individuals have a wealth of options from which to choose. Fencing provides an immediate barrier to prying eyes.

Fences for privacy are available in multiple materials that include wood, aluminum, PVC, and SimTek®. There’s a fencing solution to accommodate multiple requirements. The fencing options available today provide exceptional durability and require little maintenance. Some fencing materials can even withstand hurricane-force winds, an important consideration in Florida.


The metal is strong, durable, and can be fashioned into any shape or style desired. It’s available in multiple colors and finishes to complement any landscape or environment.


The fencing is offered in a myriad of styles and colors. Built with a concern for the environment, it’s unaffected by weather or UV rays, and available in multiple heights. It can be erected in solid panels and can withstand most severe winds without damage.


Durability and style are the benchmarks of SimTek® fencing. It successfully emulates the appearance of wood and stone, while providing a low maintenance privacy barrier. It’s impact-resistant and offered in a wide variety of colors, styles and textures.


Individuals have dozens of choices for their wood fencing ranging from pine to cedar. The most common type of wood fencing for privacy is the stockade fence. Each panel fits tightly against the next for a solid barrier. Offset fencing is another style, also known as shadow box fencing, created by alternating boards. It can only be seen through if someone is looking at a certain angle.

Ask the Professionals

It’s best to consult with a fencing professional first. He/she will be knowledgeable about any rules or regulations governing fencing and will be able to obtain the needed permits. A professional will be able to assist with choosing the type of fencing that best fits the needs and budget of the individual.

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