Few people today know the history of wrought iron fencing or the skill required to create it. Wrought iron was used since ancient times, but was limited to basic uses. Wrought iron for fencing dates back to the 12th century and furthered the need for blacksmiths. The rudimentary iron fencing was made by hand and contained variations. It became popular in Medieval Europe for security purposes of the very wealthy and royalty.

Industrial Revolution

New ways to extract ore in the 18th century meant that fencing could be produced quicker. Forging was still performed by hand and was a time and labor-intensive process.

Coming to America

The colonists brought the knowledge of wrought iron with them to the New World. The Victorian age saw the addition of elaborate scroll work and other types of ornamentation that most people associate with wrought iron fencing. At one time, the White House was encircled by a cast iron fence. Pres. Franklin Delanor Roosevelt began replacing it with steel in 1937. The reinstallation was complete by the 1970s

Aluminum Replaces Wrought Iron

In today’s world, aluminum fencing has largely replaced wrought iron for many uses. Aluminum is strong and durable, more cost effective, doesn’t rust or corrode, and requires minimal maintenance. It’s also resistant to insect pests, can be customized in a wide variety of ways, and has the same elegant appearance as wrought iron. The metal is used for security, privacy and safety.

One of the attractions of aluminum is that fencing can be designed with security in mind, while still allowing people to see the view outside. That feature makes it popular in venues that include research and medical facilities, along with housing projects and even restaurants that offer outdoor dining. That type of design allows wind to pass through so it’s less likely to be damaged during wind storms.

Like wrought iron, aluminum is a sustainable and recyclable metal. It’s compatible with a wide range of natural and artificial environments. Aluminum is more expensive than some other materials, but it’s an investment in homes and businesses that increases the value of any property. The engaging ways in which aluminum fencing can be customized enhances its universal appeal.

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