Since ancient times, wood has been used for fencing to delineate borders, contain livestock, provide privacy and security, and prevent accidents in areas of unsure footing. In today’s world, wood fencing is also used to hide unsightly objects and fixtures, provide safety around swimming pools, and dampen the noise from traffic. Wood fencing is offered in multiple styles to accommodate an extensive range of needs, budgets, and personal preferences.

Custom Contemporary

Homeowners aren’t limited to traditional styles when it comes to wooden fences. Many people are choosing to design their own fences that incorporate unique combinations of vertical and horizontal elements to create designs that defy the imagination. The constructs are usually decorative in nature rather than a solid barrier for privacy.


Also known as post-and-rail, it’s an alternative imagining of the split-rail fencing style. The fencing typically utilizes three horizontal rails in its design. It’s the type of fencing people often picture from films when they think of thoroughbred horse farms.


The latticework pattern has transitioned from arbors and privacy screens to a full-fledged fencing option utilizing heavier wood. It’s a highly decorative and elegant option that can be constructed with multiple types of top and bottom rails, along with post caps.


The classic style is a perennial favorite for its attractiveness and ability to frame a yard. Picket fences contain spaces between the upright elements but are no longer limited to sharp points on top. They can be constructed with posts of different sizes, rails of various dimensions, and scalloped tops.

Split Rail

One of the earliest versions of wooden fence design, it’s still popular in rustic, rural, and wooded environments. Originally designed with rails interwoven horizontally between upright posts, today’s split rail fencing is constructed with rails that are threaded through holes in the upright posts.


These fences are solid barriers primarily used for privacy. One type features boards that are placed tightly against each other and is also popular for safety around pools. The second type is highlighted by a double row of boards that are slightly offset from each other.

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