Wooden fencing is available in many styles and can provide some of the most beautiful and unique options for enhancing landscapes, providing privacy, securing the premises, and ensuring the safety of children and pets. However, wooden fences do require more maintenance than other types of materials. For those considering erecting a wooden fence, the following are some elements that should be factored in.

Preserving the wood and protecting it from the elements can require yearly painting or the application of a water repellant coating. It’s important to keep vines and bushes away from the wood. The vegetation contains moisture that can generate mold and hasten deterioration. Heavy plants can damage or even destroy the fence. Irrigation and sprinkler systems should never be allowed to water the fence.

Staining can occur from foliage or flowers that touch a wooden fence. To remove stains and address issues of mold, the fence will need to be scrubbed with soap and water or a specialty cleaner created specifically for the task. A pressure washer can be used, being careful to use a pressure setting that won’t blast and damage the wood. Use a fan spray if possible.

Insects are drawn to wood fencing and it’s vulnerable to the predations of bugs ranging from termites to wood borers. Individuals may find themselves needing to apply chemicals to discourage damaging pests.

Inspections will need to be performed at least on a weekly basis to determine the condition of the fence. Be prepared to check all the hardware to ensure it isn’t loose, rusted, or needs to be replaced. During the inspection, make sure posts are secure and haven’t been affected by any erosion around the base.

With regular maintenance, a wood fence will remain a beautiful addition to the landscape for many years to come. However, a wooden fence does come with a significant time investment to keep it in optimal condition and looking great. Individuals never know when their available free time may change or circumstances dictate that they’re no longer able to care for the fence properly.

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