A gate alarm is required for pool safety, but many overlook the value of an alarm for the gate to the fencing surrounding their property. An alarm is a critical element of fencing, particularly if children or pets are involved. Gate alarms also add value to properties.

There are multiple types of gate alarms available that can be installed independently and don’t require a full-fledged security system. Models are available that sound an alarm outside, inside, and have a one-touch bypass button for adults to allow authorized individuals to enter. Many can be operated via a mobile device and allow for a security code to be entered.


Youngsters are naturally curious about the world around them and few things are more tempting than things they can’t reach outside the safety of their fenced in area. If a child can reach the lock on the gate, there’s every expectation that they’ll find a way to trip it. Youngsters can easily run into the street and even be kidnapped. An alarm is an essential tool for warning parents and caregivers if the gate has been opened.


Many people don’t give dogs sufficient credit for their ability to manipulate gates and locks. A canine that escapes their fence can be hit by passing traffic. There’s no guarantee a good Samaritan will find them and take them to a shelter and “stray” dogs are often picked up and used as bait in dog fighting operations. Gate alarms are also beneficial for protecting the public from guard dogs.

Unwanted Guests

For those that don’t want to deal with door-to-door salespeople, church representatives, or gatecrashers, a fence alarm is a great way to avoid them. The alarm will give individuals enough warning to head unwanted guests off and discourage interaction before they reach the home.


Those that mean harm or intend to burgle a home won’t bother with scaling a fence if there’s a gate. Entering through a gate projects the perception that that interloper has a right to be there. An alarm alerts individuals when the gate has been breached, providing an opportunity to notify police.

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