Fences beautify and protect, but no matter how maintenance-free a fencing material may be, it will still require some type of regular maintenance. The type of fencing material an individual has will dictate the amount of upkeep it will require and should be explored before opting for a specific material.

No matter what type of fencing an individual selects, there will be certain maintenance tasks that need to be completed, even if it’s only a weekly inspection of the hardware used to make connections. Other types of material will simply need to be washed down with a hose or pressure washer. Individuals should assess the time, effort and expense they’re willing to expend before they buy.


Fences constructed of wood will weather and become old-looking. They’ll need to be painted or stained – and applying a primer is recommended before painting. Depending on weather conditions, they may need attention every year to keep them looking good.

Wood fencing is also prone to depredations by insects and an application of an insecticide may be required to surroundings. Wood absorbs moisture, making it susceptible to cracking, rot, mold and mildew. The hardware used to join fencing will also need to be checked regularly to ensure it isn’t rusted or pulled out of the wood.


Five times stronger than wood, PVC/vinyl fencing requires little in the way of maintenance, withstands strong winds, and adverse weather conditions. It’s earned the Dade County Product Approval Certification and only needs to be washed down with a high-pressure hose.


Aluminum is typically treated with a powder coating for protection against oxidation and rust. It doesn’t require painting or staining. It will need to be wiped down periodically to remove dirt and debris.


The material requires the least amount of maintenance of any fencing on the market. The most it needs is a power washing to keep it looking attractive and to remove everything from dirt to graffiti.

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