Like many things in life, erecting a fence requires obtaining a permit. Where to get it and the process involved can be confusing, particularly for those that are unfamiliar with it.

Many residential permits can be applied for online, depending on the municipality. Other entities may require a written application be submitted in person. The permit will be issued in the name of the homeowner or the contractor. The permit is typically good for 180 days.

Reputable and experienced fence contractors will normally apply for the permit on behalf of the customer. The expense can be anywhere from $150 to $400 and will be included in the cost of the fencing project.

However, there are a number of other issues that come into play when erecting a fence of which individuals may not be aware. There are limits on how tall the fence can be and in many locales the appearance and materials will also come under scrutiny. Contractors may be required to submit a plan of the project detailing where the fence will run.

Installing a fence impacts water and sewer lines, along with phone and electric service. It will be up to the fencing contractor to contact the relevant utilities to ensure the safety of the fencing crew and that the installation doesn’t interfere with the delivery of any of those services.

There will be rules as to how many feet the fence can come within a right of way, easement or corner. Individuals may not be able to have the fence installed directly on their property line. There may be a required set back, meaning the fence will have to be a specified distance from the property line. That will mean a loss of yard space for the fence owner.

Before any of those steps can be taken, home owners will need to know exactly where their property lines are. That can mean having the property surveyed if there hasn’t been a recent survey.

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