A wooden fence can last for up to 20 years when taken care of properly and regular maintenance is performed. However, there will come a time when you may want to replace your fence to update its look or because its at the end of its lifespan. Professionals in the field recommend that you plan on replacing wood fencing every 10 years.

Even though wood is treated to mitigate many common problems, the material is also subject to a variety of detrimental factors in South Florida. They encompass flooding, salt water, chipping, cracking and splitting. Fencing can rot, sustain damage from mold, and a variety of insect pests. Over time it can begin to sag, become discolored, warp, and begin to splinter. The following are some things to consider when deciding to replace your wooden fence.

Easy Solutions

Wooden fencing can be painted and insects can be eradicated. Loose hardware can be tightened and missing hardware can be replaced. Small cracks and holes can be filled with putty or wood filler to prevent more serious damage.

Replacing fence posts will be more expensive and difficult since the old supports will have to be dug out of the soil and they’re typically encased in cement when the fence is installed. You can also replace missing rails or boards. The downside is that a new board or rail will look different than the rest of the fence unless its painted.

Time to Replace

If you need to replace more than 20 percent of the fencing, it’s time to replace the entire structure. Another good reason to replace your fence is if it no longer meets your needs. You may desire more privacy or security than the existing fence provides. It may not be sufficient to keep children and pets contained or unwanted wildlife out.

You may simply want to update the look of your fence or transition to another material or style. No matter what your motivation happens to be, a careful examination of your wood fence is essential before you make a decision.

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