You may want to replace your fence for any number of reasons. You may simply want to update the appearance or it may not be functional for your current needs. However, there are signs that indicate your fence actually needs to be replaced and the signs are easy to spot, depending upon the material with which its constructed.


It can be more cost effective to replace an entire fence that’s been installed for several years rather than trying to hold it together any longer. You don’t want to invest any substantial amount of money into a fence that will only last a couple of more years before it must be replaced anyway.


Chipping, cracking and splitting – or missing boards of wooden fencing – is a sure sign the fence needs to be replaced. It’s an easy matter to replace a single board, but when entire sections are missing boards, it’s unsightly. Non-wooden fencing can experience damage in the form of chipping, cracking and splitting that’s unpleasant to view and comprises the integrity of the structure.


A leaning fence is a sign that its lost structural strength. If a single section is leaning, it can often be repaired or replaced. If there’s a generalized leaning along the entire fence, it’s time to be replaced.

Loose & Missing Hardware

Fences use metal fasteners that can encompass nails to screws to hold all the pieces together. Over time, the hardware can rust or loosen due to wind, rain and salt spray. You have a choice of replacing the entire fence or making repairs, depending on the age of the fence. The fence may sustain further damage by trying to repair it.


Rot is a common problem in areas of high humidity and rainfall. Florida residents have the additional concerns of hurricanes that result in storm surges and high winds that can exacerbate any existing problems. Signs of rot will appear on fencing where it’s closest to the ground and while preservatives can help, eventually a full-blown case of rot will set in.

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