Security is becoming an increasing concern for homes and businesses. There are two basic
types of security fencing and individuals will need to evaluate which best fits their budget,
needs and aesthetics.

An aluminum fence offers the beauty, strength and durability of iron. The fencing is available in
multiple heights and can be customized in a variety of ways. Logos, emblems and designs can
be worked into the gates for an added touch of luxury. The fencing has the beauty and security
of wrought iron, but without the cost.

Aluminum fences are exceedingly difficult to climb by unwanted visitors – both human and
animal. Sharp, pointy spikes can be affixed to the top of pickets as an added deterrent. Small
solar panels can also be incorporated into the design to light the area, making entry particularly
undesirable. No intruder wants to have their actions illuminated.

The pickets on an aluminum security fence can be spaced as closely as the individual desires.
Even small spaces between pickets is beneficial in storms, as it allows wind to flow through
instead of battering at a solid wall. Aluminum fencing fits in well with any environment.

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The fencing is used for security purposed on construction sites, manufacturing plants, utility
installations, and correctional facilities. While it provides security, it doesn’t have the aesthetic
appeal of aluminum. However, it’s a viable option for those on a budget and allows for wind to
flow through to prevent the accumulation of stagnant air.

Available in various heights, it’s difficult to climb. The fencing can be designed with angled
extensions at the top that project outward to prevent humans and animals from crossing over
the top. Another precaution is what’s known as coyote rollers. They’re roller bars placed at the
top of the fence to prevent intruders from obtaining a grip. Fencing can be equipped with
deterrents for animals that dig.


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