If you like trees and want to add them to your landscape, there are numerous things to consider before actually planting if the tree will be located near a fence. It doesn’t matter whether the fence is yours or your neighbors – the same considerations will apply.


The space you need for planting will definitely be a factor. For younger trees, you’ll need enough room to dig a hole that’s at least twice the size of the root ball. The hole will also need to be deep enough so the tree’s root system will fit entirely within it. If it’s an older tree, to adhere to those conditions you may have to plant it several feet away from the fence.

Mature Attributes

You’ll definitely have to consider the attributes of the tree when it’s mature. Those include height, the width of the crown, and if it has a drooping or weeping growth habit. There may come a time when it interferes with overhead utilities if it has a significant height or damage it might cause to the fence if it doesn’t withstand storms or high winds easily.

Trees that produce blossoms in the spring, fruit in the summer, or drops its leaves in the autumn can result in some very messy, expensive, and time-consuming cleanup. Heavy or sticky fruits can cause injuries and damage homes, fences, and vehicles. Another consideration is the sturdiness of branches. Some trees are more prone to limb breakage than others and can easily destroy a fence.


Some trees never expose their roots, while others may have shallower roots that grow partly above the surface. It can make mowing difficult and dangerous. Those same roots can destroy foundations, driveways, sidewalks, and brickwork. Roots also have the potential for disrupting underground utilities.

Right of Way

No tree should interfere with the right of way to access a property. If an easement of the property is involved, you may or may not be legally allowed to plant within certain areas.


What you want to accomplish with the tree is important. You may want shade, privacy, or beautification. It’s best to consult with a landscape professional who can guide you on the types of trees available that will serve your needs and won’t be detrimental to any surrounding features.

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