A gate can be the crowning touch for your fence. A sturdy gate can deter intruders, burglars, keep children and pets in, while preventing unwanted people and wildlife from entering. Installing a gate isn’t a simple matter of creating a barrier. There are multiple concerns that individuals should consider before a gate is installed.

Permits and Regulations

Many cities and municipalities require a permit to install a gate on an already existing fence. The installation of a gate is typically covered under a permit to erect a new fence. Consulting with a fencing professional is critical as they will be cognizant of local regulations. Some communities also have height limits on gates.


The width of the gate will be a critical consideration. Gates wide enough to fit most passenger cars and trucks won’t be sufficient for larger model vehicles. The width may not accommodate delivery vehicles, many types of trailers, or even some types of equipment for lawn care or home renovations.

The space for the gate will need to be slightly larger than the driveway entrance. Additionally, the wider the gate span is, the more likely it will be to eventually sag. Heavy-duty hinges and some type of bracing – either decorative or utilitarian – will be needed for single swinging gates.

Single, Double or Sliding

Individuals have the option of a single gate hinged on one side or a gate with two panels, both of which swing open and closed independent of the other. A sliding gate is an excellent solution for smaller entrances – as long as there’s sufficient space for the door to slide back with no impediments such as trees, flowerbeds or decorative hard features.

Latches, Locks and Automation

For those with young children and large dogs, it’s essential that latches, locks and opening mechanisms be above their reach. It’s especially important if automated gates are installed or if individuals live near busy highways.

Equally important, the mechanisms should also be out of reach and inaccessible from people on the outside of the gate. Access control can be incorporated to screen individuals through video intercoms before they enter the property for an additional level of safety and security.

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