Wood fencing is an economical and budget-friendly option that can be utilized in multiple environments. They’re effective for meeting swimming pool fencing requirements, privacy, beautification, and for the safety of children and pets. Fencing can prevent access by intruders and unwanted wildlife. However, wood fencing is subject to some very specific types of damage of which individuals should be aware before making a final decision on their fencing material choice.


A wide range of insects find wooden fencing an attractive option for food or building a nest. They range from multiple types of termites, carpenter ants, several species of beetles, and carpenter bees (often confused with bumble bees). Fire ants can also choose to build a nest in rotting wood rather than in the ground. The best solution is to seal the wood with paint or stain instead of using potentially dangerous insecticides.

Mildew, Rot and Stains

The humid climate in South Florida and frequent rains create mildew, rot and staining in wooden fences. Choose wood fencing with a water-resistant coating or finish. Another option to prevent staining is selecting darker colored woods. Keeping fences clean and sealed is the best preventative measure.

Rust and Corrosion

Wood doesn’t corrode or rust, but the hardware used to join fence pickets and sections can, depending on the type of metal used. Stainless steel hardware is the solution, along with weekly inspections for trouble spots.

Sagging and Tilting

The fence and the gate can sag due to their weight or changing soil conditions. Far fewer problems are encountered when the installation is performed by a professional. If signs of sagging are noticed, have a professional inspect it to determine the exact cause.


Often referred to as weathering, warping occurs as wood expands and contracts as it absorbs moisture and dries out. Have a professional repair or replace the affected portions.

Storm Damage

Wood deteriorates over time. A storm can result in damaged boards or sections and missing boards. Have a professional perform repairs or replacements.

The South Florida soil composition can create difficulties when installing a fence. Specific rules are in place to mitigate problems and ensure they’re anchored properly. The professionals are cognizant of all those specifications.

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