Installing a fence at your new home isn’t rude and it doesn’t mean you’re antisocial. It does give you a sense of safety and security, especially if you have children, pets, or elders living in the home. A fence is effective for preventing access to the property by unwanted people and animals.

It typically takes four months for people to feel comfortable in a new house and begin to consider it home. Part of the reason for that is unfamiliarity with the neighborhood and those living around you. It’s important that you take steps to make the inside environment as welcoming as possible with familiar belongings before taking on the task of erecting a fence.


Your home is the place where you can relax and feel safe in your environment. Fencing provides safety for children and allows them to play without worrying about them wandering into the street, onto unsafe terrain, or the yards of other people. The same is true for protecting the family dog.


A fence can provide peace of mind knowing loved ones, pets and valuable possessions are protected by a barrier to entry. It’s also an important security measure if you’re a senior. The elderly are often the target of scams and break-ins, even in the quietest of communities.

Gardening Options

There are many ways to garden, from raised beds to vertical options. Fencing can provide the backdrop and support to indulge an interest in vertical growing of fruits and vegetables to flowering vines.

Protection Against the Elements

Florida lies in the path of any number of tropical storms and hurricanes each year. There are fencing materials available that are highly attractive, require almost no maintenance, and can withstand hurricane-force winds. They’re able to provide a disruption in winds that can cause property damage. Fencing materials that resist heat and are non-combustible are also available to protect your new home.

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