Chain link fences are a staple as a security option, but they may not fit the aesthetic of a neighborhood or the prevailing architectural style. However, there are ways to dress up a chain-link fence to make it more appealing and enhance privacy. The methods are more affordable than installing a new fence, but they’re not nearly as pretty and don’t afford the same level of privacy.


One of the easiest solutions is the installation of slats – sometimes called tube slats – specifically designed for chain link fences. They’re offered in a rainbow of colors and a couple of different styles. The slats improve privacy by about 75 percent, but don’t create a solid barrier. Small spaces between the slats will remain.


Individuals can plant vines and allow them to twine among the spaces in the fence. Flowering vines add beauty, but it will take time for the plants to accomplish their goal. Vines won’t eliminate small areas where people could peer in. The same problem exists when installing bushes and shrubs. The plantings will require time to mature, but they offer better coverage for privacy than vines.

Rolled Bamboo

Rolls of bamboo fencing/screens can be purchased and wired directly to the fence. It’s not particularly pretty, but it will elevate the level of privacy by approximately 85 percent.

Mesh Screen

These have the advantage of being wind and water permeable. They’re not necessarily the most attractive option, but privacy can be improved by 80-96 percent, depending on the density of the mesh. It’s available in different colors.

Wood Panels

There are wood panels that can be attached directly to chain link that will create a beautiful facade and provide privacy. However, permits may be required as it may be classified as an entirely new fence installation by local municipalities.

Canvas Fabric

The least aesthetically pleasing option, some individuals simply wire canvas fabric to their chain link fence. It’s available in multiple colors and will solve the problem of privacy, but it’s far from a pretty solution.

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