There are all types of unsightly objects that home and business owners want to keep hidden and out of site ranging from dumpsters, garden hoses and reels, and air conditioning units to pipes, meters and emergency generators. Just because they’re necessary doesn’t mean they have to become an eyesore in the landscape. There is a myriad of methods for hiding them.

The best way to hide objects while maintaining access to them is with a decorative fence or panel. It’s an ideal solution that’s also affordable and doesn’t have to be extensive to be effective. Even a single fence panel can make a big difference and fencing can be used to conceal just about anything that individuals want to keep out of sight.

Fencing panels are available in PVC, wood, and SimTek materials that are cost-effective, low-maintenance, and can be combined with other elements if desired. Offered in an extensive range of colors, they can be customized in multiple ways to blend in with existing siding and surroundings that also acts as a decorative accent.

Another advantage of fencing to camouflage elements that individuals don’t want on display is that the barriers are offered in varying heights to accommodate multiple needs and they’re strong enough to withstand hurricane winds. Depending on the fencing solution, planters and other decorative elements can be incorporated. For those that prefer chain link fencing, vines and other plants can be allowed to grow over the surface for a living wall.

Enclosures for generators, dumpsters and air conditioning units can be installed independently or added to existing fences. They can be installed on flat or sloping landscape surfaces and also work to absorb sound. They’re highly ornamental and add value to any property.

Beauty, durability, and value are the benchmarks of fences for obscuring any unsightly element within a landscape. They’re equally applicable for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, along with schools, religious institutions, and daycare centers.


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