Hurricanes are a fact of life in South Florida. An untamable force of nature, the storms have the ability to wreak havoc on any human-built structure and that includes fences. While no fence is entirely hurricane proof, there are some types of fences that are better able to survive the pounding that the storms bring on shore.

It’s essential that individuals have their fence installed by a licensed professional who understands the unique challenges that the storms present to fences in South Florida. A category 1 hurricane can have minimum sustained winds of 74 mph. That’s strong enough to blow over trees. Individuals have several options when shopping for a hurricane resistant fence.

Chain Link

This type of fencing isn’t the first that automatically comes to mind when planning a hurricane resistant fence, but it’s a very good option. The spaces in the mesh of a chain link fence allows hurricane force winds to pass through it with little to no damage. Coatings can be applied that will make the metal resistant to salt spray.


An aluminum fence is sturdier than most people think. In addition to metal posts, the narrow pickets have spaces between them, allowing wind to move through it with little impediment. Coatings are also available for aluminum fencing.


The fencing can withstand sustained 110 mph winds and gusts up to 130 mph. It’s the only fencing that meets Miami-Dade wind load certification without making any modifications or adding additional reinforcements. If they’re hit by floating or flying debris, they can be dented but won’t splinter and disintegrate. They’re also available with specialized coatings that are resistant to salt spray.


A vinyl fence is typically able to withstand wind speeds of 65 to 90 mph winds before sustaining damage. Vinyl is a versatile material that will flex slightly in the wind. That helps it stay steady during wind storms.

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