Before engaging the services of a fence contractor, there are 5 basic questions that every potential customer should ask. Knowing the answers will ensure that the fencing is being erected by professionals. Cost will be a factor, but expense doesn’t necessarily translate into a reputable job.

Years in Business

Individuals should choose a company that’s been in business for a significant amount of time and have been conducting business continuously under the same name. Be wary of companies that have made name changes. It also pays to examine the company’s online reputation and its rating with the Better Business Bureau.


The installer should be licensed in the State of Florida. Individuals have little recourse if the final result of the fencing is faulty or not as agreed upon in a contract if the installer isn’t licensed. Always insist on a detailed contract and never work with an installer that wants all the money up front. Always make payments to the company, not an individual.


It’s absolutely essential that the fencing contractor be insured and that their insurance is current. It provides protection for customers if the company or it’s employees damage anything on the property while performing the installation.


Erecting a fence will require permits before any work can begin. An experienced and reputable fence installer will know what permits are required and will obtain them for the work to be done. Be suspicious of companies that expect customers to pull their own permits.

The same is true for contacting utility companies. Installing a fence will impact everything from phone and electric service to water and sewer lines. The contractor should contact all applicable utilities.


The fencing should come with a warranty on materials and workmanship. Fencing represents a substantial amount of money and an investment in the home. Never sign a contract that doesn’t include a warranty.

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