Fencing satisfies the need for beautification, security, safety, and privacy. Once individuals have decided what type of fence they want, it’s time to select a fencing company. There are 5 essential questions anyone should ask before signing a contract.

A competent fence installer will be cognizant of the necessary permits required and be able to obtain them for the project. No matter where the fence will be installed on the property, utility companies will have to be notified and the contractor should handle that. It will keep workers safe and prevent them from inadvertently disrupting electric, gas, phone, or internet service.


The fencing company should be licensed within Florida. It demonstrates that it’s passed the requirements to operate within the state. There are a number of unscrupulous individuals that claim to be fence installers, but have neither the expertise, experience or equipment to do so.


This is also a critical question. Any contractor that performs work on the property should be fully insured in the event that there’s an injury, damage to property, or poor workmanship. If the company isn’t insured, clients would have to initiate litigation and if a worker is injured on the job, they could be liable for medical bills if the company doesn’t carry Workers Compensation.

Years in Business

Longevity of the business is a good indicator that the company is known for good work, along with the experience and staffing to install the fence quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Project Time

Individuals will want to determine when the company can begin the project, hours of the day when they’ll be working, and when it will be completed. The project will need to be scheduled, especially if the installer is very busy.


A warranty against the material and workmanship protects clients in case anything goes wrong and ensures the contractor has to make repairs. The warranty should extend for at least 12 months.

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