There are multiple reasons why people decide to install privacy fencing and a gate is integral to any installation. The gates aid in keeping debris out and are aesthetically pleasing, while providing an effective way to control privacy concerns.

Elevated Safety Level

Increased safety is the No. 1 benefit of a gated privacy fence. It’s an effective barrier that keeps unannounced arrivals on the outside until the property owner ascertains their identity and reason for being there. The owner has complete control over who enters. It protects children and pets from a wide variety of potential dangers and provides homeowners with the privacy they crave.

Protects Personal Property

People typically don’t consider the number of items they have that are targeted by the unscrupulous. A gated privacy fence keeps items out of view and protects assets ranging from lawn equipment to recreational vehicles. It also prevents entry into a residence where thieves could gain access to expensive jewelry, collections or artwork.

Deters People and Wildlife

A gated privacy fence is an effective barrier and deterrent against would-be intruders, whether they’re human or wildlife. The fences also provide protection against incursions by domestic animals that may get loose and present a danger.

Types of Entry Methods

Individuals can choose from gates for their privacy fencing that allows entry in multiple ways. Homeowners can select systems that employ an intercom system, a keycard, or traditional key and padlock, along with a combination lock.

Choose a Gate

Individuals can select from different styles of security gates for their privacy fencing. The 2 most common are inward swinging gates or those that slide to the side when there’s not enough room for a swing gate. Vertical gates swing upward and are used in situations where insufficient space is available for a swing or slide gate. It’s important to know that vertical gates have height limits on the vehicles that can enter.

The South Florida soil composition can create difficulties when installing a fence. Specific rules are in place to mitigate problems and ensure they’re anchored properly. The professionals are cognizant of all those specifications.

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