Every type of fencing has an average life span, at which time it will have to be torn down and replaced. Depending on the material, fences are estimated to last:

  • Aluminum – 50 years
  • Chain link – 15 years
  • PVC – 30 years
  • SimTek® – 25 years
  • Vinyl – 20 years
  • Wood – 15 years

It’s important to note that allowing climbing and vining plants to overrun the fence will lead to sagging. However, there are some measures that individuals can take to prolong the life of fencing materials of any type.


Fences of aluminum require little maintenance and look good for many years. They can benefit from:

  • An inspection of screws and hardware once a year
  • A yearly wash with warm water, soap, a sponge and rinse

Chain Link

An effective and affordable fencing option, it’s not one of the most attractive. Keep it in good condition and enhance appearance by:

  • Not letting children and pets climb on it
  • Consider adding vinyl slats
  • Inspect regularly for damage and repair even small problems quickly


The material doesn’t need much maintenance. Keep it looking good with:

  • Application of a vinyl sealer
  • Hose it down regularly to keep it clean or use soap and water
  • Check for holes and cracks from insects and weathering
  • Keep plants trimmed back so they don’t touch the fence


A SimTek® fence comes standard with a lifetime warranty against defects. Highly durable, it can withstand hurricane winds. It only needs:

  • A pressure washing to remove dirt and grime


A fence of vinyl is another option with few maintenance needs. To keep it looking good:

  • Wash it regularly with mild soap and water to remove dirt, grime, mold and algae
  • Make repairs or replace elements immediately if damaged


A wood fence requires the most maintenance of any material. Extend its life by:

  • Inspecting the hardware regularly
  • Checking the boards for any warping, cracking or splitting
  • Repair cracks and holes immediately
  • Replace damaged or rotted boards and pickets promptly
  • Paint or stain the wood
  • Remove mold and algae

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