Homeowners have multiple material choices for their fencing. You can choose from metal, PVC, wood, vinyl, composite, SimTek®, and masonry styles with a wealth of design options within each material type. There are pros and cons for each type and you can use the following tips for selecting the fencing materials that best fits your individual needs.

Building Codes and HOAs

Communities often have their own set of building codes about the type, style, color, materials, and height of the fencing that can be erected. If your area has a homeowners association (HOA) your options may be limited to what the HOA allows.


Fencing and the installation can represent a significant expense and you’ll need to know how much you can or are willing to spend. You may need to budget more to the project or seek a more cost-effective alternative, depending upon what you envision for your property.


The predations of insect pests, mold, and degradation from wind, rain, sun, and salt spray are very real considerations. The ability of your fence to withstand those elements and the unique climate will also be a consideration for the long-term durability of the fencing you choose.


Some types of fencing require regular inspections and periodic maintenance, while others are almost maintenance-free. Some may need to be painted, stained or sealed. An additional consideration in Florida is hurricanes and the associated damage they can sustain or inflict. Some types of fencing are able to withstand hurricane-force winds.


It’s important to know why you want a fence. They can be used for beautification, safety and security, to contain children or pets, minimizing road-noise, or to establish boundaries. The reason you want a fence will influence the material that’s selected.


You may want a fence that blends into the surrounding architecture and prevailing styles or you may want something that’s a marked departure that makes your home stand out. You can choose from highly elaborate styles or no-frills options, but you should always research any relevant codes and regulations before making a decision.

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