A backyard makeover can give people more space to relax, room for entertaining, or new features to enjoy. No matter what the desired makeover, it begins with a plan. The best option for the project’s ultimate planning and execution is to consult with a professional landscaper.

The other alternative is a software program that enables individuals to choose different features around the specified space to see how they’ll look. Start with a dream landscape and work to narrow down the available choices. Keep the following in mind when planning a backyard makeover.


Even a small makeover can be expensive and will depend on multiple factors. It’s important for individuals to decide how much they’re willing to invest in the makeover. Always expect the cost to be more than anticipated as the price of materials can fluctuate widely over time.


The first step is to ascertain what’s to be accomplished with the makeover. Some want to create a cozy retreat, a place for entertaining, or a kid-friendly environment. Unless individuals are handy or enjoy puttering around the garden, choose low-maintenance options.

Likes and Dislikes

It can be helpful to walk around the area to be rejuvenated. Take stock of what’s liked and disliked, as well as those things that might be salvaged and incorporated into the new design. That may include removing trees, bushes and existing flower beds.

For those that live in locations rich in wildlife, it may be prudent to keep out deer and other unwanted animals with a fence. Individuals may have their heart set on specific plantings, but let reality be a guide. All plants simply don’t grow well in some areas and may need more time and care to survive than individuals have.


There are dozens of materials with which to create the makeover, from concrete and pavers to synthetic materials. The makeover can include ponds, fountains and waterfalls. Outdoor furnishings will need to be waterproof and depending on the size of the area, will need to be versatile and serve multiple purposes to avoid overcrowding.


Every neighborhood and community are governed by specific rules as to what’s allowable, what’s not, and will require specific permits for the work. That’s where the services of a professional are beyond compare. They’ll know the prevailing rules and be able to pull the necessary permits.

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