The most important benefit of receiving an on-site estimate for a fencing project is that there are no surprises later on about any facet of the fence install. It’s a critical second step after you’ve selected the type of fencing you want.


During on on-site estimate, the fence installer will perform a complete walk-around the property and measure the area to be fenced. The installer will be able to ascertain exactly how much fencing will be required for the project.

Problem Areas

He or she will take note of any slopes, hills or other areas that may present special circumstances. That includes accessibility issues, safety hazards, and any existing damage to the area. The expert will also look for any outbuildings or plantings that might be disturbed during the installation process.

Local Laws

Professional fence installers are cognizant of the local ordinances for the areas they serve. They know the height limits that are allowed in front and back yards, along with any material restrictions that may exist in your municipality. The experts also know what permits are needed, can obtain them, and will include the cost in the fencing package.


If you want to have your installation placed on the fencing company’s list of projects, you could be in for a wait – depending on the company’s work load. Rush jobs and urgent projects can sometimes be accommodated, but the cost will be higher as crews will need to be pulled off other jobs. Any special requests you may have should be voiced during the on-site estimate, as it will affect the cost.

Time Estimate

The fencing estimator will also be able to provide a time table for installation and completion, based on the company’s current scheduling.

Written Estimate

The estimator will take all those factors into consideration when preparing an estimate for the final cost. He or she will also include the cost of the fencing materials for the type of fence you’ve chosen and provide you with a written estimate of the total cost and when work can begin. Never agree to a fencing package unless an on-site estimate has been conducted and you have a written estimate.

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