Fencing is available in so many colors, styles and materials it can be difficult to decide what to choose. Fencing materials run the gamut from wood, aluminum and PVC/vinyl to SimTek, chain link, and wrought iron. One characteristic will be fairly easy to decide – if the fence will be solid or see-through.

The materials can be utilized in a variety of ways to create solid or see through fences, though some perform best when used in specific ways. Much will depend on the reason the fence is being erected, local regulations, and taking into account personal preferences.

There are advantages and drawbacks to each type of material. Wood will need to be stained, painted, or replaced periodically. Aluminum and PVC/vinyl won’t rust and doesn’t need painting. It’s a relatively low-maintenance option that’s also economical. SimTek is eco-friendly and one of the most versatile and durable materials available.

See-Through Fencing

A stand-alone see-through fence can provide security, safety for children and pets, and doesn’t prevent natural light from entering. The biggest benefit of see-through fencing is that it enables people see out. It can keep intruders and unwanted wildlife out. The fencing styles have the advantage of being decorative and aesthetically pleasing.

Solid Fencing

A solid fence has a variety of benefits, not least of which is privacy and the ability to completely block activities from neighbors and the street. They provide increased security to prevent wildlife and intruders from entering and it’s equally effective for keeping children and pets inside and safe.

Solid fencing can be used in a myriad of situations to address specific problems. It buffers street sounds and noises for a more tranquil environment. It’s also effective as a windbreak and for coastal dwellers as a barrier against blowing sand and debris.

Pick the Purpose

One of the most important decisions individuals can make is why they want a fence. It doesn’t have to provide privacy, safety or a barrier against noise. It can simply be ornamental, decorative, and enhance the aesthetics and value of the property.

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