Lights, motion sensors and security cameras are all security measures that you may have taken if you’re a business owner. However, a fence can be equally effective as those precautions and combined with existing security equipment as part of a multi-faceted security system. There are multiple fencing materials from which to choose that will secure your enterprise and be attractive.


The material has an elegant appearance and emulates the look of wrought iron. Highly durable, the fencing is extremely difficult to breach and can be equipped with points on the tops of pickets as an additional deterrent. Aluminum fencing is appropriate for a wide range of enterprises.


A SimTek® fence is aesthetically pleasing and a solution that’s durable. The technologically advanced manufacturing process enables the fencing to duplicate the appearance of natural wood or high-end stone in multiple textures, colors and styles. The surface doesn’t present a surface that’s easy to breach. It’s extremely low maintenance, impact resistant, and performs well in hurricanes. The fencing withstands consistent 110 mph winds and gusts up to 130 mph.


This is another material that provides many of the same properties as SimTek® fencing that include security and privacy. It works to block outside noise, while creating a pleasing appearance and remaining impact resistant. It’s also environmentally friendly.


While there are designs for wood fencing that can provide an additional level of security, they’re typically not the first choice for many business owners as the fencing requires more maintenance and won’t last as long as other materials, though wood is less expensive.

Informed Decisions

Before deciding on a specific fence, it’s best to consult with a fencing professional. They have extensive knowledge and will work with individuals to assess their specific needs and requirements. Fencing is an investment in the security of a business and should never be approached without all the facts. It will enable owners to make an informed decision about their best option.

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